Diamond Talk about the basics

Diamond Talk about the basics

Since fine diamonds are some of the world's most coveted gems, there is nothing basic about them. However, it's good to know more.


There are diamonds that have historical value from The Hope Diamond to your great great grandmother's diamond. Diamonds have millions of stories to tell. They are a universal currency in life and in love. Diamonds touch us in a way that no other gems do.

Their unique molecular structure makes the hardest materials known to man. And when polished, of course, their brilliance is beyond compare. 

Like love and relationships, it takes time and work to form a diamond. Their formation requires several billion years of intense heat and pressure. This is only available 100 miles below Earth’s surface. There, the carbon molecules bond equally in all directions to create the hardest substance on Earth.

This is all very impressive, but that’s not why we love them. We love them for their sheer beauty, extraordinary clarity, and for their fire embodying those vast years of heat and pressure. We love them because they sparkle and astonish.

According to lore, diamond imparts balance, clarity (naturally), and abundance. It increases inner strength, provides the wearer with better relationships, and did we mention it symbolizes eternal love?


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