Wine & Cheese Puzzle

Wine & Cheese Puzzle

Answer Key

When did the Golden Buffalo first open it's doors?   1996

What number marks the Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamond ring? E10

What is the Golden Buffalo's phone number? 307.857.2789

How many Blue Diamonds are in the store? 2

What is the difference between a necklace and a pendant? Necklace is w/ a chain. Pendant is w/o a chain

What is the Golden Buffalo's Facebook profile photo? Logo

How often should you have your rings checked? about every 6 months

What is the birthstone for October? Opal and Pink Tourmaline

What alloy is mixed with gold to make Rose Gold? Copper

What is our favorite animal? Buffalo/Bison

What is the biggest size of Diamond Stud Earrings in our Brown Tray? 1.5CT

What number marks the Journey Diamond Necklace? B11






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