Collection: The Golden Buffalo®

The Signature of Yellowstone, The Golden Buffalo® 

The Golden Buffalo® is a classic and timeless symbol of Wyoming history. Each piece has been carefully designed and hand finished in Wyoming to Crete a perfect expression of the Signature of Yellowstone and tells the story of the "Monarch of the Plains".

Late in the 19th century, nearly 60 million free-roaming bison, commonly referred to as the American buffalo, blackened the plains. However, by the dawn of the 1900's the buffalo was close to extinction. Today, thanks to the valiant efforts of many, the herds have been regenerated and can be found in various parts of the United States. the largest free-roaming herd of approximately 3500, can be found in wonderful Yellowstone National Park!

The enduring story of the buffalo continues to be a source of inspiration to many. Your purchase commemorates the return of Wyoming's "Monarch of the Plains".


Retell the Story... Keep the Signature of Yellowstone Alive!